The Waldorf School Association of Kelowna (WSAK), a registered non-profit association, was founded in 1981 and offered its first Preschool class in 1982. The first Grade 1 class started in 1985. We offer Early Childhood Programs, Kindergarten and Grades 1 through Grade 6.

Major Milestones

  • 2011 to present, the Kelowna Waldorf School installs a solar voltaic system and collects thousands of kWh’s that are distributed back to the community.
  • 1998 to present, site improvements continued: flow form waterfall, historic bell tower, renovations to the south building, basketball court, new playground and improved landscaping.
  • 1992, a significant expansion took place at our Collett Road site with the addition of the Main building.
  • 1990, built the Preschool/Eurythmy building.
  • 1989, received Group I Independent School status
  • 1988, became an approved member of the Federation of Independent Schools Association and a sponsored member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.
  • 1987, purchased the Collett Road site and received Group II Independent School status.
  • 1986, consolidated the Kindergarten, ‘Class 1’ and ‘Class 2 at the Collett Road school.
  • 1985, the first ‘Class 1’ began with nine children at St. David’s Church on Sutherland Avenue.
  • 1983, the Preschool moved to Cameron House on Richter Street.
  • 1982, the Preschool/Kindergarten opened at a leased site on Collett Road.
  • 1981, the Waldorf School Association of Kelowna (WSAK) is formed.
  • 1980, a lecture about Waldorf education captured the imaginations of a group of parents.

About our Location

We are located in the core of the Lower Mission neighbourhood of Kelowna, BC. As a microclimate, Kelowna enjoys beautiful weather 12 months of the year, with mild, temperate winters and hot, dry, sunny summers. Kelowna is a genuine four-seasons community, where skiing, hiking, swimming, sailing, camping, and other outdoor pursuits are right at our doorstep!