Kelowna Waldorf is going SOLAR powered

June 7, 2011

Solar BC announced June 3rd, that it has awarded its grant to the Kelowna Waldorf School to install a photovoltaic system (download specifications here) to supply locally generated power to the school. The Kelowna Waldorf school is one of eleven schools in BC to receive this grant. Solar BC had a tough time choosing the schools out of the fifty applications they received.
Steve Thomson Cindy Taylor June 17 2011Steve Thomson MLA and Cindy Taylor are pictured here.

Cindy Taylor, the Pedagogical Administrator for the school said, “We are thrilled to receive this grant! Our pupils as well as those in other schools in Kelowna will demonstrate how alternative technologies can and should be used!” The Waldorf School’s curriculum includes solar power, biodynamic gardening and sustainable farming.

The Kelowna Waldorf School will be able to power their lights, stoves, fridges and office equipment. When the school’s energy requirements are lower, the solar energy collected from the panels will “feed the grid” and benefit others in Kelowna. Cindy Taylor said, “In addition to our school reducing it’s carbon footprint, the extra power that we collect will be shared with the community. Community and sharing is part of what Waldorf Education is all about!”
The solar project will begin in the summer and complete by the end of 2011. The public and students of Kelowna will be invited to view the progress of the installation process. Once installed, the pupils will be able to take part in learning exercises about solar energy. As well, the public will be invited to view the photovoltaic system and see how it contributes power to the Waldorf school.