We have three options for our morning and afternoon programming, each running from 7:30-11:30 and 11:40-5:30

5 Day –  Monday-Friday

3 Day – Monday-Wednesday

2 Day – Thursday & Friday

Kelowna Waldorf Pre-School offers a unique learning opportunity for young children. We believe that children are happiest and learn best in a warm, homelike environment where the older and younger children are part of the class ’family’. We offer small class sizes with a low teacher/child ratio to ensure that, within the group, each child is respected and nurtured by caring teachers.

A return to basics, respecting the innocence and wonder of a child’s imagination


Our Early Childhood Educators believe that children learn through imitation. Meaningful work and chores are part of our preschool day. Teachers and students are often busy together throughout the day baking bread, cooking, sewing, sweeping, washing, and gardening and the children are welcomed to take part in these activities. Children achieve a sense of satisfaction and purpose when they can take part in all aspects of daily life.

Our Teachers:

  • Certified and British Columbia Elementary Educators and ECE Educators
  • Waldorf Early Childhood Training

Our preschool offers a warm home-like environment where the older and younger children in the group become integral to the class family. The older and younger children participate fully in the rhythm of the day, and the uniqueness of each child is respected and nurtured by the teachers. Children develop their cognitive and social skills through many opportunities for play. Weekly activities also include artistic movements such as painting and drawing.

The daily and weekly rhythm of our program help to strengthen the children’s sense of well being and confidence in their preparation for school and their adult life beyond.

For the younger children, our pre-school program is the first step away from home. Waldorf Early Childhood pedagogy embraces the belief that children learn through imitation. The younger children gently adapt to the rhythm of the day through the modelling of the older children in the group and through the teachers who work at daily tasks such as cooking, baking bread, housekeeping, sewing, and gardening.

The older children in the class are very involved in the daily activities and become natural leaders. They take on many responsibilities and join the teachers in activities such as sweeping, washing and craft preparation. There is still a strong emphasis on playing for the older child, and the older children’s imaginations and games continue to develop their cognitive and problem-solving abilities.

Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes are told through storytelling and puppetry. Through this vital part of our curriculum, children learn to focus, listen and develop strong imaginations. We focus on language development of the young child through oral storytelling traditions.

Seasonal festivals are a highlight in our program for the children, and they are involved in the preparation and celebration of these special times, which bring our families and community together.

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