The Seven-Fold Nature of Healing
A Medical Seminar & Workshop in Anthroposophic Medicine

Location: The Mansion at Summerhill Biodynamic Farm and Winery – 4870 Chute Lake Rd, Kelowna, BC.

Dates:  October 13 – 15, 2017

The Seven-Fold Nature of Healing

What does Rudolf Steiner mean when he describes our organs as an inner planetary system, the human being as a seven-fold metal, and that in anthroposophical medicine we heal with processes? Using Steiner’s physiological concept of the seven life processes as a starting point, we will work to understand how our bodies and our lives are shaped by them. During this weekend we will explore how with conscious effort we can use the life processes to better understand the rhythms in our relationships and in our work to become healthier.

mercury seal

“Offspring of all the Worlds! Thou in a form of light,

Firm framed by the Sun, with Luna’s might,

“Endowed with sounding Mars’ life-stirring hymns,

And swift-winged Mercury’s motion in thy limbs,

“Illum’d with royal Jupitar’s all-wiseness,

And grace-bestowing Venus’ loveliness-

“That ghostly Saturn’s old-world-memoried devoutness

Unto the world of Space and Time thee hallow!”

The Programme 

(Subject to change )

Friday, October 13, 2017

6:00 pm Registration

6:30 pm    DEBUSSY

6:50 pm     Break

7:00 pm    LECTURE 1
The Seven Life Processes in Human Physiology and Soul Development
Fiona Hughes M.D.

Saturday, Oct 14, 2011

8:30 am  Singing

8:40 am      Heather Brown – Spacial Dynamics

The upright human being, the “resting head” and the vortex

9:00 am    LECTURE 2
Therapeutic Qualities of the Seven Metals
Fiona Hughes M.D.

10:15 am    Refreshments

10:45 am    Participants may choose 1 out of 3 workshops
WORKSHOP 1 – Gabe Cipes – Biodynamics

WORKSHOP 2 –  EveLynn Debusschere –
Understanding the Twelve Senses (with a focus on the four foundational senses)

WORKSHOP 3 – Eurythmy

12:00 pm    The “strength of the limbs”, the sphere, the spiral and the lemniscate
Heather Brown

12:30 pm    Lunch

2:00 pm    LECTURE 3
Encountering: Meeting the World and Becoming Healthy
Fiona Hughes M.D.

3:10 pm        Break

3:15 pm    Refreshments

3:45 pm    Participants may choose 1 out of 3 workshops
WORKSHOP 1 – Phyllis Cannell –
Balancing Health with Singing

WORKSHOP 2 – EveLynn Debusschere –
Movement to help integrate/support the four foundational senses

WORKSHOP 3 – Artistic Workshop TBA

5:00 pm    Supper Break


Sunday, October 15, 2011

8:40 am  Singing

9:00 am    LECTURE 4
Seven Essential Nutrients for Health
Fiona Hughes M.D.

10:15 am    Refreshments

10:35 am    The “beat of heart & lungs” and inversions
Heather Brown

10:45 am      Panel/Group Discussion

12:00 pm Closing Verse

About Our Guests:

Fiona Hughes M.D. is a medical advisor, researcher, and writer on health issues at Idea Couture, an international innovation and design firm. She also sees patients in her private health counseling practice. After completing her BA in cultural studies at Trent University, she went on to train in both conventional and anthroposophical medicine at the University of Witten/ Herdecke, Germany. Fiona grew up in a Waldorf household, the child of two Waldorf teachers, and is a graduate of the Toronto Waldorf School. She currently lives in Toronto with her partner, a CBC journalist, two teenage children, and their affectionate beagle. She is always on the lookout for more opportunities to bring alchemical processes back into the kitchen and to the practice of healing.

Heather Brown Heather Brown & her husband are parents of four Kelowna Waldorf School graduates. She is a registered physiotherapist with a 35 year career in rehabilitation and senior’s health. As well, she has been active in parent education at the Kelowna Waldorf School and has been a long term member of the Parzival Reading Group.  She has completed her level 1 Spacial Dynamics training & is currently a Level 3 candidate. Heather has an interest in the relationships between Steiner’s body of work and Spacial Dynamics. “Her movement interludes will explore examples of the spacial dynamics that surround & support the “image” of the human being.”

EveLynn Debusschere is a teacher with a BA in Waldorf Education and a diploma in Remedial Education from Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, CA.  She has worked as a class teacher for 16 years and a Remedial Teacher for two years.  Her children have attended the Kelowna Waldorf School, where her grandson is currently enrolled.

Gabe Cipes (Bio to come).

Phyllis Cannell born in Victoria, B.C. grew up in Coquitlam in a family where parents and all 6 sisters sang in choirs and played instruments.  Formally trained on piano and violin, self-taught on ukulele, guitar, Choroi flute and lyre.  Mother of 4, 2 sons and 2 daughters.  Found Waldorf education for my sons in 1985, have been involved with Kelowna Waldorf School ever since.  School janitor for 8 years, Eurythmy accompanist since 1991, up to present.  Worked as Preschool and KG assistant for 10 years.  Have served as faculty chair and sat on many committees.  Have had continuous job as Music Director at Unitarian Church in Kelowna for 20 years.  Teaching music lessons has long been a delight, many years of sharing my experience on piano and guitar.


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